How to figure out which lash style is for you

Our female founded business has been inspired by women who are independent, back themselves and go for it - figuring it out on the way but never giving up as they have faith in their own journey. Our first collection of lashes come from thinking about four different  personas that are in all fearless Wing it women. 

Naked is about being completely at ease with your natural naked self. You know those days where you’re not in the mood for even a smidge of makeup but still feel fabulous? That’s winging it Naked style. Our lashes are barely there but provide a level of length and lift that looks even more elegant than your favourite mascara. 


Naked luxury silk system false eyelashes


Natural flirt is about owning the feminine and more flirtatious aspects of your personality - why would we keep that girl at bay? ;) Our lashes come with impeccable length, flutter and curvaceous curl. It’s the kind of style that will arm you for making the first move, or  confidently winking your way to have a move made! 

Boardroom is a celebration of the BOSS girl in us all. Financially independent and pulling out the occasional superwoman stunts (working out, going to work, drinks with the girls, playing agony aunt and still pushing your side hustles…) - that’s Boardroom for you. It’s a style perfect for work and play. 

Peacocking in a celebration of the J-Lo and Cardi B in us all. It’s a look at me because I’m the queen bee lash style. Unapologetic, vivacious and ready for a night out. Peacocking is bold yet still sophisticated - just like all our favourite ladies. A definite staple for your lash wardrobe - as that needs to become a thing now!

So there you have it, all our lash styles are designed for all the shades in us. The right lash style for you really just depends on what mood you’re in! We recommend one set of each in your lash wardrobe so you can choose your daily wing vibe ;)

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