Is it time to ditch mink lashes?

We believe that we all need to do our part in making the world a cleaner, safer and more sustainable place and that starts with small choices or substitutions we can make in our daily lives. As a disruptive emerging beauty brand we’ve decided to set our own rules from the get go and only make and sell products that align with our values - one of which is being a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand. Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions have harmed animals for decades in their production, but savvy marketing has made it so discreet that you may have not even known! So we’re here to set the record straight so you can make the most informed beauty choices. 

What really are mink lashes?

Minks are small dark coloured cute as a button mammals. They’re part of the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, otters and ferrets. Minks are shy creatures that try to avoid humans and keep to themselves. That’s why it’s most likely that mink lashes (that comes from fur that has been shaved off a mink’s body) is taken directly before or after the animal has been killed. There are also fur farms where the minks are kept in cages and their fur is harvested, but as minks don’t like to be shaved, in most cases real mink lashes have a really sinister backstory behind them. The mink fur is literally glued in stands to form the look of eyelashes or in the case of eyelash extensions, mink fur is glued into your own eyelashes to give a thicker and fuller look. 

Millions of minks have been brutally killed in this way over the last decades in the name of beauty. So much so that European Minks are now under the "critically endangered" category, as numbers have declined more than 50% over the past three generations.  In the next three generations, it is expected to decline by 80%.

What about Synthetic Mink lashes?

There’s now an emerging new form of synthetic mink lashes made from PBT, a polyester product that’s also used in things like athletic clothing and toothbrushes. PBT can massively vary in quality based on the thickness of the stands, the exact composite of the material, how the taper is cut and how the band has been formed. The lashes you find in your local drugstore are most likely PBT. Most incumbent brands also use low quality PBT lashes, which can result in a ‘slightly plastically’ feeling lash that can also cause  discomfort at the corners as the band is relatively hard. 


We’ve set out to create the most luxurious synthetic (vegan) eyelashes in a mission to convert all mink users to a cruelly free alternative without any compromises. Our silk system lashes are made by hand by Korean beauty masters out of specially blended synthetic silk fibres. Wing it lashes are not only featherlight, curvaceous and soft on the eyes but also highly tapered in style so they effortlessly blend in whilst providing length and volume. Our lashes are finer, more flexible and naturally curvaceous than any existing PBT lashes on the market we’ve come across. In terms of finish, all our lashes are finished in deep black and ever so slight gloss - just enough to fully blend in with the natural gloss of your eyelashes. 


wing it luxury vegan silk system lashes on props


We’ve mastered the craft of creating a highly natural yet impactful lash that can be used multiple times - so we’re kinder on our eyes, the animal kingdom and our environment.

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