The Eyelash Loss and The Reality Of Alopecia

Did you know that more than 50% of women suffer or will suffer from noticeable hair loss during their lifetime? The glittering Oscars brought awareness to a key issue that isn’t perhaps spoken about enough - Alopecia.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes an unpredictable hair loss. According to the NHS 8 million women in the UK experience alopecia, which then may result in psychological problems such as low self-esteem and heightened self-consciousness.

Approximately 2% of people will suffer from alopecia areata at some point in their life. It occurs in men and women of all races equally. The condition can develop at any age, although most people develop alopecia areata for the first time before the age of 30.

Alopecia can affect different parts of the body, including the eyebrows and eyelashes. This can be partial or complete hair loss and it could happen gradually or over a short period. Madarosis can be caused by Alopecia aerate and specifically refers to loss of the eyelashes or eyebrows. The loss of the eyelashes alone is also known as milphosis.

There is no definitive cure for alopecia areata, but there are solutions to help people cope with hair loss.

3 Reasons Wing It Cosmetics is the best choice for Alopecia Sufferers 

  1. Our lash styles are the most high quality and natural available in the UK, we create confidence boosting solutions vs high glamour styles. Check out our bestselling Naked lash and liner set which is most loved by our customers suffering from alopecia. 
  2. Unlike other solutions (lash extensions/ traditional glue) our lightweight liner system and easily removable featherlight lashes will not inhibit the growth of baby hair on the lash line. This is something many alopecia suffers fear from other solutions. 
  3. Our stick with me liner system makes sure lashes stay put all day - thought wind, sweat and rain! This is particular important to prevent embarrassment or awkwardness that many of our customers have felt with less secure lash systems. 

"Great for Alopecia Sufferers- Amazing sticking power!

As an Alopecia sufferer I have no eyelashes and have struggled to find fake lashes that are quick to apply and last all day… not anymore!

These are so easy to use and really do stick around! I wore them in 20mph gusts of wind and they didn’t budge! Well worth the money "😍

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