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Article: What makes our adhesive lash system better than mascara

What makes our adhesive lash system better than mascara

What makes our adhesive lash system better than mascara

We all dream of long beautiful lashes which makes our eyes pop and yet look ultra natural. Some of us unfortunately haven't been blessed with the lashes of our dreams - and that's when we go searching for ways to achieve the look! From lash lifts, tints, extensions to mascara and false lashes, we keep looking for the best and the most effective solution! We may have just found it... and it's our Wing It adhesive false lash system! 


1. You can have long yet natural lashes on within seconds, as our silky lash system applies in less than a minute due to the power of our adhesive eyeliner.

2. Pick different false lash styles for different occasions. Effective, yet barely there? Go NAKED. Long, luscious and fluffy? PEACOCKING is the answer. And that's just a couple of examples! 

3. You will not damage your natural eyelashes. Yet, even better! You will preserve their state and keep them healthy by swapping mascara for our falsies! 

4.... you can also prevent an eye infection which is often caused by mascaras!

5. Our silky lash system is clean, which means that there are no toxic nor harmful ingredients. 

6. Your lashes will stay on no matter the weather! No kind of humidity will take them off as our Stick With Me eyeliner can hold them on all night/day long! No smudging or lifting. Revolutionary formula!

7. Wing It Cosmetics lash system is vegan and cruelty free. 

8. Stick With Me eyeliner is multipurpose; it works as an adhesive for your false eyelash strip as well as your regular black or brown eyeliner so that you can create the perfect wing and then just sticking a pair of falsies on top! 

9. You know that feeling of mascara feeling heavy on your eyes? Our lashes are as light as a feather. 

10. Last but not least, our lashes can be worn up to 30 times with a proper care. And- they're much easier to remove than removing that stubborn mascara!


Need more to persuade you? Read our 5 star reviews!



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