The methods and techniques of how to best wash your face are endless and can get pretty overwhelming. When in reality, all we want is to be glowing queens and have a clear radiant complexion….is that too much to ask for? How and what is the secret? Adding a cleansing tool into your routine can step up your cleansing game and can be a life-changing addition in your skincare routine  - if you pick right. 


  1. Using your hands to cleanse your face might not be as effective as you think, as it’s a little lacklustre to remove all impurities from your skin. (microscopic analysis studies show this…)
  2. Face sponges or brushes can hold and disperse the bacteria which can actually  do you more harm than good. Additionally, bristle cleansing brushes can be quite abrasive and even create micro tears in your skin - which is the last thing you want. 
  3. And ladies...let's get real...unless it’s 2am after a heavy night out..(hello emergency wipe!) you definitely do not want to use cleansing wipes or cotton pads, which just move the dirt around your face. Plus non biodegradable wipes are really bad for the environment!

So what’s the best and the most effective way?  

Using a silicone cleansing brush can really change up the way you clean your skin.  Silicone is the most hygienic material when it comes to skin cleansing as it does not absorb dirt, makeup, or excess oil. It is easy to clean, easy to store and can be highly effective when it comes to skin cleansing! That’s why, picking up a silicone cleanser might be the best solution to most of your skin problems...

We highly recommend using vibrating silicone cleanser to deep cleanse the skin in order to remove the excess makeup, dirt, oil or dead skin cells. Soft silicone bristles will deep cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin by pulling out all the dirt and excess oil from your pores - so you’ll be left with a squeaky clean complexion! 

Wing it cosmetics gleam time silicon cleansing brush for face being used

In the case of Gleam Time - our facial cleansing brush it has 4 different sonic vibration setting strengths which will boost your circulation and stimulate the collagen production resulting in glowing and plump skin! After cleansing with the facial cleansing sonic brush your products will absorb better into your skin, and additionally, you can massage them in with the smooth side of the device.

Deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation can prevent breakouts, and the vibrating silicone facial cleanser can be especially helpful for those with combination skin, clogged pores or blackheads! But because silicone cleanser provides gentle exfoliation, it can be used on all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. 

We would recommend using a silicone facial cleanser a few times a week - especially on the days you might be wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen. It will help you properly cleanse your skin and get rid of all those nasty impurities which might clog your pores, and cause breakouts.

On top of everything else, our silicone massage cleanser Gleam Time is really elegant and it will look aesthetically pleasing and completely Instagrammable on your skincare shelf! It is lightweight, easy to grip and it will make cleansing your skin a proper pamper experience every time you use it! 

Cleansing can get pretty addictive, once you experience clear and baby soft skin...the only problem is you may not want to stop touching your face! Hence...repeat!


Gleam time facial cleansing brush being held next to a peach for peachy clean skin

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