Skin tools are definitely some of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, am I right? However, there are just so many of them out there that it’s almost impossible to pick and to keep up with all of them in your routine. What if I told you that there is one facial roller that can do it all? Benefits of an all in one anti-ageing dermaroller we have created at Wing It Cosmetics  are endless, and frankly too good to pass on! 


First things first, our Roll Time dermaroller is golden to give you the ultimate glowing goddess vibes. It has non invasive golden studs on one side for the most effective facial workout and acupressure tip on the other side for holistic benefits. 

By rolling the anti-aging derma roller across your face you’ll be giving yourself an intense facial massage which can boost your collagen production and immediately plump your skin. Our collagen production naturally decreases with age which can contribute to our skin wrinkling and sagging over time. Therefore, by using the dermaroller you can achieve amazing anti-aging benefits and increase your collagen production greatly in order to slow down the skin aging or even prevent it from happening.

Derma roller also helps to stimulate the new cell growth in addition to boosting collagen and elastin which are required to smooth out the existing lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging derma roller is really a miracle worker which can be an absolute life-saver to your skin! 

Because Roll Time will also aid to penetrate your products deeper into your skin, it will make your serums work much better and faster. We highly suggest to use the micro derma roller before applying your Vitamin C serum for some serious glow and work on your hyper-pigmentation and ageing from deep within! 


Puffy tired face, not enough sleep and tired skin -we’ve all been there, and it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. Also, who has time and energy to sculpt their face in the morning? What we all actually want and dream of is a 30 second solution which will de-puff the face and make us look like we actually got those dreamy 9 hours of sleep! 

Roll Time is THE face roller for lymphatic drainage! By rolling it in upwards motions across your face, you can achieve that dreamy plump and sculpted look! You will boost your blood circulation which will help to move the lymphatic fluid removing the inflammation and swelling of your face. Your skin will immediately feel and look less puffy with our favourite derma roller Roll Time. 

Derma roller will make you glow

If you keep using a derma roller consistently you’ll definitely get the most wanted skin rejuvenation benefits! Your skin will be glowing and plump. This makes our golden Roll Time a perfect 30 second solution and the ultimate anti-aging warrior! 

Roll Time Derma Roller vs Jade Roller vs Microneedling

Now you might be wondering what is the difference between our Roll Time anti-aging derma roller and a standard jade roller or micro-needling?

We’d say that our roller really is a hybrid of smooth roller and micro-needling as it gives you the best of both worlds! Its golden studs are less invasive than micro needles, however they contribute to all of the anti-aging benefits which a smooth jade or rose quartz roller could not give you. With Roll Time you can get in the 30 second facial workout daily, with no signs of irritation and immediate skin benefits!

If you struggle with choosing the right facial tool, the best way is to pick an effective multitasker. Our anti-aging Roll Time will make your skin glowy, sculpted, plump and your mind crystal clear. It’s one of our ultimate beauty hacks which we swear by! Especially on the days when we do not have much time and we need to wing it ;)

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