Forever Refill Blades + Collagen Fix

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This Collagen Fix Refill Kit includes 12 weeks of refill blades with our Collagen Fix Serum to help you maintain plump and bright skin. Dermaplaning with our powerful antioxidant packed post Collagen Serum should even out the skin, whilst diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Forever Dermaplaning Razor blades are made with ULTRAFINE EDGES™ for the safety, smoothest home dermaplaning experience. 100% PCR materials and eco friendly. 

Each Refill Kit Contains - 

  • 2 narrow dermaplaning blades for normal/ sensitive skin 
  • 1 wide dermaplaning blade for extra exfoliation
  • Collagen Fix - Miracle Facial Serum 

Please note these refill blades are only compatible with our Forever Dermaplaning Razor. 

A refill kit containing 12 weeks of refill blades with our Collagen Fix Serum to apply post dermaplaning. Our refill blades come in two different blade sizes to work best on all areas of the skin and for all skin types.

Use as part of your dermaplaning routine easily changing the blades which will click into place. Use the serum on clean, dry skin post dermaplaning. For best results finish with our facial oil.

These blades are only compatible with our Forever Dermplaning Razor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect dermaplaning refill

I dermaplane every few weeks and the original set is still like new after a few uses so I think it will last a few more months before needing to use this refill kit, but excited to use with my forever razor

Like food for the skin

So great that it's vegan, I've struggled to find potent enough vegan marine collagen, love using this as part of my dermaplaning routine

10 years younger skin!!

I didn't realise how great dermaplaning is for fine lines, love how this serum really does give me the collagen pop!

Skin feels plumper

This serum sided with the dermaplaning is a bit magical, my skin literally looks like a babies!

Converted to dermaplaning

Perfect little refill kit, couldn't ask for a better dermaplaning product

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