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Article: 3 steps to clean your false eyelashes the right way

3 steps to clean your false eyelashes the right way

3 steps to clean your false eyelashes the right way

Cleaning false eyelashes the right way is vital to get the most use out of them and maximum their longevity. This year has also hit home on how important cleaning and sanitation is every time we come back from being outside…

In light of this here are our 3 steps to winging your false lashes clean

  1. Clean the lash band gently first after every use with a water based eye makeup remover and a cotton bud. Unlike traditional glue, our STICK WITH ME adhesive eyeliner is almost invisible so it may not look like there is anything to clean on the lash band. However the band will have collected invisible residue that needs to be taken off to preserve the ‘stick’ for your next use. When cleaning the band, you should see the black/ brown liner residue come off – keep going until it wipes clean. (Clear may be a bit tougher to see so run the cotton bud on the band a few times)

IMPORTANT: never use an oil-based remover as it will be too harsh the delicate lashes and may make them come apart

  1. Clean the lash itself by soaking two cotton pads in micellar water or water based eye makeup remover and pressing the lashes gently between them to clean them from both sides. This step will be impacted a lot by if you’ve worn mascara or not. We recommend trying our Silk system eyelashes without mascara, as it will preserve their longevity. If you have gone without mascara, this step will be more for lash sanitation and refresh.

Note: If you have worn mascara, you may need to repeat this step twice; the first time to remove the mascara and the second time to sanitise and refresh.

  1. Dry and reshape. You should press the lashes gently on a kitchen towel to remove the immediate moisture and then let air-dry – they are best left to dry for a few hours. Once dry, place back into your nifty wing it cosmetics false eyelash cases (as they came) and this will help keep the band and eyelashes shape conserved and protected for your next use.

With proper care and holding off on the heavy mascara, you should be able to get 30x uses our of our silk system false eyelashes and stick with me false eyelash sets.

Here’s to just winging it into the New Year with our flutter on!



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I absolutely love these lashes!! I can’t get on with glue lashes and magnets are irritating but these are just so easy and look fabulous!! I got the natural flirt ones and love them so much I’ve just got the play 2 set. Can’t wait to try them!! Also, lovely hand written card from Rajdeep. Xx


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