Glue is out, progressive beauty is in! I think we’re all in agreement that we’re so over trying to stick lashes with toxic glue to our eyes. So what’s the best alternative out there (that actually works) ? 


Magnetic eyelashes have little mini magnets on the lash band and need to be applied with a special magnetic eyeliner. This eyeliner is a thick (usually) black liquid that has magnetism properties that come from a high level of the active ingredient iron oxide. This means that the type of eyelashes that you need to use with the eyeliner MUST have magnets. The magnets on the lashes will ‘stick’ to the iron oxide particles in the eyeliner.

Sounds pretty cool but is this fully safe?

Technically, if brands use a % of iron oxide in their products that is within beauty regulatory guidance than it’s allowable. However does putting relatively harsh iron oxide and magnets on your eyes lead to any other negative effects? In our countless trials of magnetic eyeliners from multiple brands we continuously came across the same problems and concerns:

  1. That the eyeliner is too harsh to take off without a heavy oil based remover (so not gentle enough for daily wear) 
  2. The magnets caused irritation and even pain when pulling them from the magnetic eyeliner to remove. (some of our testers have had skin damage on their eyelid from pulling the magnets off...ouch!)
  3. That the eyeliner was darkening eyelids over time due to the high pigment. 
  4. Huge variation in brand quality and eyeliner quality.  This is not new, but with magnetic eyeliner it's usually due to the % of iron oxide in the liner...the higher the % the 'stronger' the hold, but the more iron you're exposing your eyes it's a bit of a catch 22!!

If you’re wearing magnetic eyeliner only occasionally, it should be ok if you're accepting of the possible side effects. However you need to be aware of the ingredients (and their side effects) to achieve this hold.

We’d recommend using a more gentle system if you like to wear lashes more frequently or have more sensitive eyes. The good news is that you can get the same hold and an even more invisible finish with a much safer product....!


Strip lashes are nothing new, from Eylure to Huda beauty we've had these around for as long as we can remember. Still, they've left a lot to be desired from the quality of the eyelash, the comfort of the band to the ease of application and staying wear. In short there's a lot of areas of improvement. 


Adhesive liner or lash adhesive eyeliner is a brand new product in the market that has launched in 2020. It's essentially a felt tip eyeliner which when applied has the magic properties of also being 'sticky' so your lashes can be applied in a flash directly onto the liner. Geared at beginners, those of us who can't fathom glue and care about eye safety - self adhesive eyeliner is the most happening 2020 beauty hack.

Wing it cosmetics false eyelashes

 The best way to get started is with a starter kit! Complete with STICK WITH ME adhesive eyeliner, SILK SYSTEM vegan lashes and a golden applicator. 



It's pretty simple in terms of process.

  • You use the adhesive eyeliner felt tip like your usual liquid eyeliner.
  • After 20 seconds of dry time you simply pop our lashes on and the stickiness in the eyeliner bonds with the lash band. 
  • Apply gentle pressure to secure the lashes & you're done!

Self adhesive eyeliner can come in a range of colours from clear to black to other pigments.  With STICK WITH ME it comes in Clear, Brown & Black - the classics!



The active ingredient in adhesive eyeliner is Acrylates Copolymer, a non toxic, paraben free PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). It’s a non reactive ingredient which forms a stickiness when pressure is applied, bonding the adhesive with a surface. In the case of STICK WITH ME eyeliner, the surface is the soft flexible lash band of our SILK SYSTEM lashes. No magnets, water, or heat is needed. The pressure properties are also activated within 30 seconds of applying the eyeliner and keep their properties until the eyeliner is removed, which in practice means you can re-stick your eyelashes easily as required. PSA creates an incredibly strong and durable hold that lasts all day without fail. As gentle pressure is the only bonding agent, there’s also no risk of irritation on removal or the darkening of lids that occurs from higher levels of iron oxide in magnetic eyeliner.  

So it's not glue?

To avoid any confusion, glue also is classified as an adhesive, however it's a different kind of adhesive all together which is why adhesive eyeliner is different to glue.

Self adhesive eyeliner also works with ANY strip lashes, which means that you can use any of your favourite lash styles over and over again. The lack of magnets also gives a far more elegant and seamless finish as the lash band will be completely flush with your eyelid - resulting in the most natural look possible. 

Also check out the quick comparison table below so you can make the most informed decision for your beautiful beadies!!

Magnetic Eyeliner 

Self Adhesive Eyeliner (STICK WITH ME)



Smudge Proof (once dry)


Lasts all day


Smudge Proof 


Application & removal 

Need to wait 2 mins before applying lashes.

Need to remove with a specialist oil based remover because of the iron oxide.

Can apply within 20-30 seconds. 

Can remove with any normal eye makeup remover. 


Magnets sit on the eyelid that can be seen up close. Not a flush finish.  

Completely flush finish to the eyelid - the most natural look.

Eye safety 

Need to be careful to use daily as putting magnets frequently on the eyes have serious risks. 

Removing the magnets from the eyelid can cause pain, irritation and skin burn.

Gentle enough for daily wear. 

No tugging on the eyelid on removal. Comes away gently. 


You can only use magnetic eyelashes (with magnets)

Only available in dark colours with high iron oxide like black and brown.

You can use any strip lash.

Available in all colours - from clear to black. 

 See how it works here  - our real first time user Diana Muendo. Diana is a busy lady who runs a creative arts studio M.Y.O. Here's how she got on... 

Try for yourself along with our beautiful Silk System lashes - vegan, cruelty free and 30x use handmade Korean silk strip lashes.


We sold over 1000 products in our first months alone and haven't looked back. Our customers love us and we're motivated everyday by making high impact beauty easier & more accessible for all women! 

Wing it Cosmetics is a independent female founded brand. Our founder was motivated to find a better, safer solution to applying false eyelashes after getting glue all over a £18 set right before a best friends wedding...

There had to be an easier way!

We have spent over a year developing a safe, seamless game changing formula with a exclusive industry leading partner. We're the only UK brand with this unique patented STICK WITH ME formula.  The results speak for themselves and we're so happy to have happy customers!

It's not just our incredible STICK WITH ME formula that changes the game, but also our synthetic silk hand made lashes which are truly one of a kind.

Tired of harsh, heavy, irritating or unnatural looking lashes? Our Silk System eyelashes are elegant, light and match the natural consistency of your eyelashes whilst being vegan and cruelty free. Formed by hand from Korean synthetic silk, these lashes are weightless and sit gently against the curve of your lash line. For best application use with our STICK WITH ME adhesive eyeliner. Keep your lashes in our nifty packaging that doubles up as storage.

Our most popular all day style 'Natural Flirt' - Pairs perfectly with black or clear eyeliner.


Our most va va voom style kit Peacocking! - Pairs perfectly with black eyeliner



This journey was not motivated by anything other than making women's lives easier. Join our Wing it Community and let us know what other beauty frustrations we can solve :)

We will always be committed to clean,vegan and sustainable beauty because we honestly wouldn't have it any other way! We want to do good for our faces, our customers and the planet at the same time. Even if it takes a little longer and is a little harder, we will never compromise on our values and the quality of our products! That's our promise. x

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Wing it Cosmetics ValuesOnce you wing it, you won't go back!


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Eric Jones May 28, 2021

Hi I bought a natural set with clear adhesive but did not get an applicator in the kit ?
Also how do I take them off and take off adhesive ?
Kind regards

Larissa Parkinson May 08, 2021

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