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Being predominantly an eyelash business we hear a lot of stories from women who buy our silky lashes from us. Mainly positive, often encouraging and sometimes they’re quite fun and quirky. We absolutely love our customers, and as much as we love to receive the feedback, we love to share it as well! We often repost the testimonials to our social media, however we’ve decided to put together stories from lash virgins, as we’ve clearly converted a tonne of them to be regular lash wearers! 

Who do we relate to when we say “lash virgins”? 

Predominantly women who have either never tried false eyelashes before or women who have tried the ones widely available on the market once and hated them for multiple but clear reasons. There is a large group of lovely women who’d love to have long beautiful lashes, however the application of them or even the choices may seem overwhelming, so they become either afraid of wearing them or even opposed to them.

Wing It Cosmetics Silky Lash System

Why is our business important to lash virgins? 

Our silky false lashes are absolutely perfect for lash virgins! Either you’ve been burnt by commercial lash brands and stinky toxic glue or you’ve never braved to put on a pair of falsies, we’ve now got a fairly easy and incredibly effective solution! 

Our silky lash system is the best for lash virgins, it comes with:

  • A pair of vegan & cruelty-free synthetic silk lashes in 4 ultra natural styles 
  • An adhesive eyeliner, which is 100% non-toxic, gentle, long-wear, waterproof, windproof & multipurpose as you can use it as a regular eyeliner pen as well - comes in black, brown and clear
  • Eyelash applicator for easy grip of the false lash and gentle application.

Think of the eyeliner as your template, wherever it goes on your eyes, that’s where the lashes will stick! Takes less than 30 seconds and it’s absolutely life-changing!

REAL STORIES from our beloved Wing It community lash virgins: 

“ Smudge proof and stayed on all day despite gardening in the wind and rain, very impressed will be buying more so i can wear every day!” - Anita 


“ So far I've used the eyelashes for a week now, still good as first used. Girls at work impressed with them, totally a game changer ,what a difference they make for my eyes, I find them so much easier to apply than ones with glue or magnetic ones.. they are a must try! “ -Nicky


“I have tried several ways to use falsies but always given in. With Wing it they were so easy to apply and using the eyeliner gave a whole new ease to the process. The effect is amazing 🤩 and I am now using on a regular basis.” - Gail 


“Usually I have to get my daughter to apply false eyelashes for me, when I received my naked eyelashes I couldn’t wait to try them. I was a bit dubious at first as to whether I would be able to do it but wow I was so pleased the eyeliner made it so easy and I am absolutely delighted with my purchase” - Julie 


“I’m a woman in my 40’s who has never worn false eyelashes before. I wanted a natural look, and some that were easy to apply and remove. I was recommended these by my niece and I’m over the moon with them. I bought Natural Flirt for a girls bight out. I got them on first time, and they did not look ‘too much’ they were perfect! I will definitely buy again, I’d like to try Naked, for everyday wear” - Samantha


“As a complete newcomer to false lashes, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted a set to wear at my wedding in July. I purchased the naked set which I’ve test out and found extremely easy to apply and felt light and fluttery to wear. They are quite subtle and I’ll probably wear them with mascara for an enhanced but natural look.” - MN


“I lost some of my middle eyelashes back in January and they just were not growing back at all. It was so embarrassing and I could not find a single solution (magnetic, strip, individuals) that would work while I grew my lashes back! I finally stumbled upon Wing-It after googling "most natural looking fake lashes" and sure enough it was PERFECT. I even emailed their customer service before buying because I had be disappointed so many times before. They reassured me it would be the right solution for me and I am SO happy with the result. Thank you!!” - Ria


“ I’ve always been obsessed with the look of false lashes but could never use the glue! I came across this product, saw the amazing reviews and was persuaded to try them by the amazing deal! £35 for the liner and lashes? Incredible! Anyway, they arrived today and I was so excited to try them. The whole process for a complete newbie took less than a minute! Seriously obsessed! The packing is absolutely beautiful and would make a wonder gift. Also thank you so much for the black liner which you said suits the peacocking lashes better, it totally does! The liner is a little tough to remove but that’s just testament to product and how well it will keep the lashes on. Super exited to try these out properly on Friday and will definitely be purchasing more.” - Frankie 


“I've always wanted to try false lashes as mine are very sparse, but didn’t like the idea of using glue. I came across wingit by chance and am very impressed with the quality of the lashes (went for natural). I tried the black eyeliner which would have been great if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t see close up without wearing glasses so ended up being a bit hit and miss. Then tried the clear and its perfect. Certainly won’t be using any other brands in future!” - Michelle 

These are just some of our recent testimonials, but they’re so encouraging! We love that we create such a product that can truly transform lash virgins into loyal lash wearers! Beauty should not be difficult and off putting. See all our reviews.

If you’ve never tried false eyelashes before, get yourself a pair! And then don’t forget to leave us your feedback!

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