How often do you wear false lashes? Do you rarely pick them up for special occasions or do you love to wear them all day every day? False lashes are a great way to spice your eyes up and make them pop. No one wants to be worried about smudged mascara when it comes to important events, and therefore lashes are often worn whenever we celebrate. 

However, it might be confusing which lashes to pick up, and which ones will really stay on while looking the best. False lashes are often connected to the idea of messy eyelash glue and difficult application, and this was a main reason why we’ve started Wing It Cosmetics in the first place! To find a better and easier way to apply some lovely natural looking high-quality silk lashes with no mess and no use of toxic ingredients. Our Stick With Me adhesive liner is such a game changer in the application of falsies. Just one thin line will stick on your lashes and hold them on all day. And there are these following occasions when you can get the absolute most out of your lash wear!


If you’re a bride or a wedding guest, you might want to pick up a pair of falsies for the occasion! They will instantly make you look dressed up and fabulous while not changing your natural features. And whenever it comes to bridal makeup in particular - the more natural and dewy you look the better! You just want to enhance your natural features rather than transforming your whole face. Go for lashes that are long, wispy, yet natural looking as those are made for the occasion!

Our Wing It lash system is the perfect makeup must have for the wedding day! You could say that our lashes are 100% wedding worthy! Go for the Natural Flirt or Peacocking as these two styles will make your eyes look absolutely amazing! Paired with an elegant wing with the Stick With Me liner it’s a wedding match made in heaven! The liner will hold your lashes in place all night, without smudging or moving while you’re saying yes, dancing and having fun. No matter what the weather is like, your lashes will not be affected and trust us it will be the least of your worries on your special night, which is exactly what you want. 

Perfect Wedding False Eyelashes in Peacocking

Harpreet wears PEACOCKING and Stick With Me liner in black on her wedding day :)


If you ever went to a festival you’d probably know that you can truly go “out there” with your makeup looks! Gems, stones, glitter, colours and lashes will make you the queen of any festival you go to! Festivals are all about having fun and trying out something you’d usually not go for, so it’s definitely a falsies worthy occasion to mesmerise everyone with your eyes. ;)

We’d recommend going for bold lash styles, our Peacocking would work great. Once again you don’t want wind, sweat or rain messing up your makeup look! Hence why our lash system is great for this occasion as Stick With Me liner is smudge proof, waterproof and extra gentle on the eyes. As the liner itself is super pigmented, you can use it to create a unique wing to enhance your makeup look. 

Rock your false eyelashes on Festivals

Get inspired by this trendy graphic liner eye makeup perfect for festivals! Amber is wearing lashes in BOARDROOM and she used Stick With Me adhesive liner in black to create the extended graphic liner look. 


In case you love getting ready and dolled up for a night out with your friends, lashes should definitely be your best friend for the occasion! They can make you look glammed up within seconds so you’ll look your best on the dance floor! You can choose lashes that are either big and bold, or natural and wispy - really depends on what you’re going for! The heat and the dancing will not mess them up if you use our lash system, which we highly recommend for humid nights :)


Date nights can be very romantic, cute and meaningful, hence why women love to feel sexy and confident when going out on a date. Wearing false lashes can boost your confidence and make you look flirty yet super subtle. Rather than going for bold lashes on a date night, choose a style that’s fluttery and natural. Lashes will transform your night into a magical and special occasion, and they will make your date fall in love with your eyes! In case you like to wing it, you can never go wrong with a cat eye. Finished with the lashes in the Natural Flirt - and you’re ready to go on the perfect date :). 

And in case you’d like to try and use your falsies in a new way, try doing a half lash! Cut your lashes in half, do a cat eye winged liner with a Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner and stick the half lash in the outer corner of your eyelid! Sexiest cat eyes ever guaranteed!

Before and after our silky lash system in Natural Flirt

We love to wear our lashes daily. Some would say that it’s too much but our lash system is much safer and better than any mascara or lash brand out there! The Stick With Me liner is ultra gentle, hence why it’s absolutely perfect for daily wear. And our silky lashes are truly featherlight, and they’re made to lie on your lash line, so your natural lashes won’t get affected nor damaged. They’re also 100% vegan and cruelty free! The application also only takes up to 30 seconds which makes our daily routine quick and easy, you’d be surprised but it takes less fuss than applying mascara! Read more here why we’ve chosen to swap mascara for our lash system. 

We use no toxic ingredients and no magnets whatsoever, hence why our lashes are safe to wear daily. Our liquid eyeliner acts like an adhesive when applied with pressure. Additionally, our silky natural looking lashes can be worn and used up to 30 times with proper care, which is absolutely amazing as they can last you for over a month to look fabulous daily. 

Our lashes can also be your biggest confidence boost if you suffer from lash fallout. Go for NAKED for an ultra natural look, it will be hard to tell that the lashes you’re wearing are actually falsies, yet they will give you a great lift and confidence guaranteed!

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