Doesn’t everyone want to have long lashes? We all get jealous of people who are blessed with long luscious natural eyelashes because it’s simply not fair! Thankfully, nowadays there are options to achieve long, yet still really natural looking eyelashes that are simple and easy to apply.  Still the age old question stands...what are the pros and cons of lash extensions versus false lashes? 


Firstly, let’s get to basics and discuss the key difference. Lash extensions are individually applied semi-permanent synthetic or natural hair fibers that get attached to the base of your natural lashes with the surgical glue one by one. False lashes are strip lashes which you can buy yourself, and apply with the use of lash glue, lash adhesive or magnetic liner. 

You can achieve natural looking long lashes with both of these, however the difference in application, care, and results are the key points based on which you should be making your decision.


We're huge fans of natural falsies at Wing It Cosmetics, hence why we’ve developed our silky lash system which makes the application process not only quick and easy, but also absolutely game-changing! The disadvantage of daily false lash application has been horrible messy glue, difficulty to apply and needed to buy a lot of lashes. Without new lash brand innovation, extensions therefore were a better semi-perm solution. However new magnetic lashes and adhesive eyeliner systems have changed that.

If you're a lash virgin, we make the best false lashes for beginners. Wondering how to apply lashes at home? We’ve got you covered with our easy 3 step system. 


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Our silk lashes pair perfectly with our adhesive liner, which has been specifically developed for a quick non-toxic and easy false lash application. It’s a true game changer when it comes to lash application - as you won’t need to use any toxic messy glue nor magnets. Just one coat of our adhesive liner will hold your lashes in place all day long! Magical, but true :)

Our Stick With Me liner comes in black, brown and clear and it can easily replace your usual eyeliner. It’s waterproof, smudge proof, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free and super gentle for daily wear. It makes a lash application a piece of cake as you can literally put on your falsies in under 30 second with no fuss at the comfort of your own home. 

We naturally absolutely love our false lash system, as it takes the least amount of time, our lashes are long-lasting, there are different styles for different moods, and they’re ultra gentle which is perfect for daily use! On top of all this magic, you can easily remove them with your eye-makeup remover and they will not damage your natural lashes at all! Such a game-changer. 


Lash extensions can seem great as they give you long lashes 24/7, however they get pretty expensive. You’d need to get them done in a salon and get fills typically every 2-3 weeks. The application process can also take up to two hours, depending on how full you’d like your lashes to be. There's less chance of loosing a lash, however not an ideal solution if you're concerned about conserving your natural lashes. 

Lash extensions might be great for you if you’re going on a trip or holiday and you won’t want to apply mascara or false lashes daily. However, you’d really need to be careful and take care of them if you want them to last long and look good. 

The worst thing about the lash extensions is the eyelash adhesive/glue which is most often toxic or contains allergenic ingredients. This can irritate your eyes and also lead to damage of your natural lashes, which you should definitely avoid!

Some of the other disadvantages of lash extensions are that you’d have to be really cautious of how you sleep, of touching your eyes and what kind of makeup remover you use. Any of these could damage the extensions and make them fall out faster. Additionally, lash extensions can damage your natural lashes if they’re not applied properly. Also if you rub, tug, or pull on them your natural lashes might suffer from loss or damage. 


For us it’s definitely our Wing It silk false lash system. It’s easy, non toxic, gentle for daily use - and you can choose different styles daily based on how dramatic you'd like your eyes to look. Our lash system is also super safe, and does not lead to any damage of your natural lashes in comparison to lash extensions. Considering all this, it’s really a no brainer, isn’t it?  

Want big eyes & long natural lashes safely within seconds? Then our false lash system is for you, don’t hesitate to Wing It ;)


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Shoplashlink August 27, 2021

I think false lashes are easier to apply and you can choose when you want to have a very glam look or a very natural look. But If you are looking for a lashes online store from where you can buy high voluminous lashes for wholesale sale then you are just a click away.

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These are lovely false lashes with 4 different styles so one for everyone. Can highly recommend

Julie May 23, 2021

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