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Mascara was my log time go to, my bestie, my can’t leave home without. So it was not a light decision to ditch my makeup bag staple tube. Here’s the three key reasons I made the move and why you should think about it too...

Conservation Of My Natural Lashes

Lets face it, anytime you’re applying a product to any part of your body that is NOT thirstily drinking it’s probably not all that great. Unlike other forms of makeup that sit on larger surfaces / the skin, the issue with mascara is that it’s clamped to our valuable natural lashes and does result in more natural lash fall out. That much is undeniable.

However upon researching it’s not just the short term impact but the medium and long term impact that put me off layering up my lashes. Extended use of mascara can lead to natural lash stiffness, which doesn’t just contribute to more lash fall out but it can also increase risk of scratching the corneas.

Better lashes are also not worth worse skin around the delicate eye area. However this is a real issue with frequent mascara wears. You can cause wrinkles by improper removal of mascara. A Good Housekeeping article on bad habits listed aggressive makeup removal as a serious concern. If you pull, tug, or rub your skin too hard, this can cause the sensitive skin around your eyes to look older - as well as create puffiness and break blood vessels. Eye area winkles? No thank you! 

Bacteria And Eye Infection Risks

There's a strong probability that you daily mascara is packed with bacteria that can cause infection, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Brazilian universities tested 40 mascara samples from real women and found that 79 percept were contaminated with staph bacteria. So that eye infection that you may have gotten…. high chance your mascara was a culprit. 

I also went though the clear realisation that I used my mascara until it was finished, not until 3 months hit the clock. However use beyond the 3-month or recommended period causes more chance of uses like issues like pink eye, staph infections, and inflammatory conditions.

This is because our mascara’s are not packed of all natural anti-oxidant ingredients (we wish…) but rather most mascara available in the market today is full of a lot of crap. Retinyl acetate, parabens, sulphates, phthalate, and coal tar are just a few of the additives found in some mascaras. Rule – if you don’t know what it means, if it sounds toxic – keep it away from the eyes! 

Better Ways To Get High Impact Lashes!

Lets face it, after years of experimenting with different brands, you’ve probably found one or two that give you ‘the look’ – it’s been a long and expensive journey. That feeling when you buy a brand new mascara and then realise it does nothing for you but clump your natural lashes? Yep we’ve all been there. I looked into lash extensions, I’m all for more semi-perm ways where it makes sense economically and efficient wise, however the damage that extensions can cause to your natural lashes seemed too great a risk. You have to be extra careful with anything you mess around with close to the eyes – they are, after all, our doors to the universe! After many failed attempts at trying falsies of the shelf, I started to wonder how anyone could be happy sticking a tube of lash on our natural lashes. Plus with most falsies you needed to layer on the mascara against the glue to give a somewhat natural / impactful look. Double trouble.

Great frustration often leads to great inspiration and to say I was frustrated by the lash game would be an under statement. Was it too much to ask to have a high impact, easy daily lash lift solution that didn’t risk infection, trade off my natural lashes or give me daily panda eye evenings? I just wanted to ‘wing it’ I did. I created WING IT!

Our Natural Synthetic (Vegan) Silk system lashes are like the most elegant lash wig you never knew existed. I ditched the tubes of glue and replaced it with a lovely non toxic liquid eyeliner pen that acts like an adhesive when activated by pressure. The beauty of our Wing It Cosmetics silk lash and liner system is that the lashes sit on the eyelid vs on the lash, therefore completely protecting you natural lashes. You peel the lashes off and then remove the eyeliner, no rubbing of the lashes required at all! I use a serum on my natural lashes and use the wing it system to wear falsies that sit on top of them in under 30 seconds a day. In the last 6 months since wearing my own system, I’ve lost barely no lashes ( I can count the number on one hand), as there’s no mascara removal my natural lashes have room to breath and grow – literally, they’ve gotten longer! Meanwhile I choose my favourite lash style daily to suite my mood or occasion and enjoy a higher impact and more varied look than I could ever achieve with mascara or lash extensions. Talk about hitting all the nails on the head.

I’m so excited to solve a GENUINE problem in the beauty world (yes, they do still exist, it’s not all marketing and vanity) and hope our brand helps more women feel awesome, empowered and most of all look after their natural eyes and lashes.

Here’s to more beauty solutions that hit it out of the park and make people happy! Hundreds of 5* reviews just 6 months post launch and I’m glad to say we’re on our way!

A big thank you to all our fabulous customers 

Rajdeep xx



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