It’s been nice and sunny as the heatwave has approached the UK and some of us might’ve found that our skin has gone into shock. As the weather changes you should change up your skincare and your beauty routine too, so you’ll keep your skin glowing and most importantly protected from the sun.

Take care of your complexion, nourish it, exfoliate, shave off your peach fuzz, and do not forget your SPF. What really matters is that you know the steps to take in order to keep your complexion healthy in the blazing hot sun so that you can stay your most confident self all summer long.

Switch to light-weight textures

When it comes to winter, we all stock up on a heavy moisturiser for ultra dry skin to face the cold. However, when the summer comes and we put our coats away we should put those heavy formulas away too! It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Your day-time products should be light-weight, water-based, less oily and packed with hyaluronic acid in order to not produce excessive oil or clog pores while you might be sweating in the heat and humidity. Make sure your daily moisturiser is hydrating but light, and switch to a lighter foundation or even a tinted moisturizer this summer to prevent the unnecessary breakouts. Our beauty hack is to get a base with the SPF in it for the extra protection from UVB rays ;)

Shave that peach fuzz off and exfoliate with care

You know those tiny little facial hair you can barely see however, they become much more visible in the sun? They’re called vellus hair or “peach fuzz” and in case you’d like to have a smooth skin and seamless base this summer you can easily get rid of them!

No need to worry about it as dermaplaning and women shaving their faces is one of the biggest skincare trends at the moment! Dermaplaning will also gently exfoliate the top layer of your dead skin cells, so you’ll not only shave off your facial hair but also reveal a much brighter complexion! Additionally, your foundation will apply seamlessly and your skin will look absolutely flawless in the sun. Our Take It Off starter set is the best first step to shaving your face and revealing the glow. :)

SPF, SPF and you guessed it SPF

You should be wearing your SPF all year around (even when inside) however, it is extra important during the summer months and especially while spending time in the sun. Protect your skin from the UVB rays in order to avoid sunburn as well as risking a cancer that the sun can cause. Even though sunshine is the most amazing thing ever, it can be dangerous if you’re not wearing your SPF. Make sure you wear SPF30 - SPF50 to really protect your skin and re-apply it regularly during the day spent in the sun in order to prevent sunburn or skin aging which the sun can ALSO cause.

Additionally, be extra cautious if you exfoliate or dermaplane the night before as your skin might be extra sensitive to sunlight. Same goes for using retinol products. Layer on the SPF on your freshly shaven skin - so it's smooth, bright and protected at the same time!  

Double cleanse properly

After the day spent in the sun your face will be overwhelmed with the amount of sweat, grime, SPF and makeup so make sure you’ll properly cleanse your face before you go to sleep! Not washing your face properly can clog your pores, spread bacteria and eventually cause acne.

If you’re not double cleansing your face yet, this is your call to start this summer. It’s extremely important to remove all the grime and SPF from your face. We recommend adding in our Gleam Time silicone cleansing brush for the second cleanse in order to clean your skin and pores properly and effectively.

Even though changing up your whole beauty routine from winter to summer might seem excessive living in the UK, it is absolutely essential if you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Take extra care on those hot sunny days and make sure you enjoy the sunshine without any worries or fuzz ;) And in case you decide to shave your face to have a beautiful seamless skin the night before a sunny day, take your SPF with you wherever you go and do not forget to re-apply it regularly. We all want to stay looking youthful and glowing for as long as we possibly can and these tips will help you to do it.

Let’s enjoy the summer months and wing it on every single sunny or even gloomy day!



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