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Article: FEMALE FACIAL HAIR: debunking dermaplaning myths

FEMALE FACIAL HAIR: debunking dermaplaning myths

FEMALE FACIAL HAIR: debunking dermaplaning myths

Female facial hair has been a taboo topic for ages, but now in the 21st century we should not be ashamed to talk about it! Everyone has facial hair as we’re all humans, and therefore naturally even women have hair on their face. Some of us have more of it than others, and it’s completely up to you if you’d like to remove it or not. However, we swear by dermaplaning our facial hair in pursuit to get a smooth fuzz-free complexion. It’s the easiest, the most painless and probably the cheapest way of removing facial hair. So let’s look at what you should know about facial hair and debunk all the myths about dermaplaning so we all can get our faces silky smooth!

All you need to know about female facial hair

You might be surprised to discover that male and female facial hair are completely different. Females can actually have two types of hair located on their face. First, vellus hair or otherwise known as peach fuzz is translucent, very fine and almost invisible. It’s allocated on your cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead, neck and sideburn areas and it’s most likely to be visible in the bright sunlight. Even if it’s not so visible, your makeup might apply cakey over the fuzz and it can hold unnecessary bacteria, hence why there are many great benefits of shaving it off.

Second, terminal hair is much darker and thicker and some women may have it allocated especially around sideburns, upper lip or on the chin. As the hair can be quite visible, some females choose to remove it in order to feel more confident and comfortable.

Many women often feel ashamed of their facial hair, even though it is completely normal. Facial hair might heavily affect their self-confidence, therefore they decide to remove it, which is many times considered as a complete taboo even amongst their female friends. According to Dr. Laftah “there is a social perception that facial hair is associated with masculinity. Even among women, removing facial hair is not a topic of open discussion. It's almost a shameful secret that is kept behind closed doors, but openness around this topic will help break down the stigma surrounding it."

There has been a need to normalise female facial hair, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that women should not be ashamed to admit that they remove it, nor if they want to keep it. Same as it is for men who have the right to choose to either grow their beard or shave it off without judgement.  

Also, many women might suffer from hirsutism, which can cause excessive growth of dark facial hair. This is often caused by excess high levels of male hormones or otherwise known as androgens in females, or by hormone changes influenced by menopause or even disorders of adrenal glands and ovaries. The excessive facial hair might be the cause of low self-confidence in women, and therefore having the easy way of removing them by dermaplaning might be their favourite confidence boost!

To get rid of terminal hair many women choose the laser as it’s a long-lasting option to achieve hairless complexion. However, even before you get your laser treatment done you are required to shave your face prior to the appointment. Women decide to remove their facial hair for different reasons, either it is to boost their confidence or to make their foundation apply more seamlessly, the benefits of shaving are 100% worth it!

Debunking the dermaplaning myths

We all know that when males shave their facial hair, their hair will grow back as a prickly stubble. Seeing this and not being aware of the difference between male and female facial hair might make women feel highly against shaving and absolutely terrified of dermaplaning. Fear and not having enough knowledge around this topic has caused dermaplaning myths to appear and spread amongst the female community.

I am sure that most of the women who you will tell that you’re thinking about shaving your peach fuzz off will be opposed to it. They’ll probably speak up and ask you questions such as “Why would you do that?” “Are you not afraid you’ll grow a beard?” “WHY?! You will have thick and coarse hair on your face and you will grow a stubble! Why would you want that?”

However, as we have already learnt, we’re females, and our hair are predominantly vellus hair or peach fuzz and by dermaplaning you will not be affecting the hair follicle, and therefore it will not grow back thicker, nor coarser than it was before. Your hair will grow back exactly the same as it was before you shaved it off. Dermaplaning will not affect the colour nor density in which the facial hair grows. And when it comes to terminal hair, they just may appear harder to touch until they fully grow out. Realistically, the only thing that can affect your facial hair growth are hormones. So do not be afraid to try dermaplaning. And recommend it to your female friends too, so you can both enjoy the badass fuzz free complexion together!


Yaay to dermaplaning and to magical single bladed razors which can make our peach fuzz fly off easily and painlessly!

What is actually dermaplaning? It’s basically scraping your skin with a single bladed dermaplaning razor in order to remove facial hair and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, dermaplaning is becoming one of the most popular skincare treatments with the growth in searches by 621% per year according to Treatwell.

If you’d like to easily remove your facial hair at home, dermaplaning is truly your easiest option. It is not only painless, it can also be safely done within minutes at the comfort of your own home. You can remove all your peach fuzz, or any unwanted facial hair and exfoliate your skin at the same time. The benefits are so worth it! Bright complexion, seamless makeup application and less bacteria on the surface of your skin are only some of it! Dermaplaning can also have anti-aging wrinkle-reducing benefits. According to medical aesthetician Allie Summers "dermaplaning helps the cells to turnover faster, thus stimulating collagen." Read all about the benefits of dermaplaning here.

Now, let’s stop being embarrassed about our facial hair at once! Looking at the facts and professional opinions should help you make up your mind and decide if you’d like to shave your fuzz off or you’re good to keep it on knowing that you have options :)

The best place to start is to wing it and pick up on of our Take It Off dermaplaning starter kits which come with two sizes of dermaplaning razor blades safe to use at home together with our 100% plant based nourishing squalane oil to use after shaving in order to replenish your complexion. Remember, fuzz free skin is in! And women shaving is not a taboo nor secret anymore. And if someone tries to tell you otherwise, just show them TikTok! ;)

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