With the “hot girl summer” in mind, we love to get inspired by current beauty trends. Warm weather, sunshine, long nights or al fresco dinners we’ve got you covered! With these beauty secrets you’ll be the most confident and vibrant self this summer 2021. After all of the lockdowns we all look forward to going out, getting ready, getting the false lashes out and our makeup on! And what better time of the year to experiment than in the summer? Everything looks good in the sun (except the peach fuzz)... 

Get some inspiration and wing these beauty trends wherever you’ll be this summer, either on a sunny vacation or rainy staycation - make yourself feel bold, fun and special; you sure deserve it!


The trend of bold eyes continues with or without the mask on. The fun colorful or bold eyes will be the center of the attention this summer!  


What better way to step up your eye makeup than with a pair of beautiful lashes? False lashes can give your eyes just enough volume, length or flirt and transform your makeup look completely. Whenever you do not have much time to play with eyeshadows or eyeliner, just put on a pair of falsies to spice those eyes up!

Our silky lashes are ultra natural, and we have four styles ranging from barely there to fluffy - based on your personal preference! Paired with the Stick With Me adhesive liner you’ve got your summer look finished in 30 seconds! For the best value get yourself a set!


This summer is all about epic and creative wings! Eyeliners are back on trend this year, and the more steadier your hand is the more fun you can have with it! It’s all about interesting graphic designs and colorful combinations. Graphic eyeliner is pushing the boundaries of the classic winged liner and extending the wing upwards, downwards, inwards, sideways, creating an image - whatever you can come up with!

Combined with some lashes and colour you’re ready to conquer the world! Just be bold and graphic. Get inspired by this on trend graphic eyeliner look created with our super pigmented Stick With Me adhesive liner in black completed by our lashes in BOARDROOM:

Graphic Liner makeup look 


Now, if you’re into colours or in case you’d like to be one of those trendy people who can pull off any colour, this year pick up any shade of neon or green! Neon inner corner eye makeup looks have been seen on models and on the fashion runways setting a serious statement eye trend this year. Rock it like Gigi Hadid with that pop of colour in your inner corner this summer.

However, according to the legendary Val Garland; global makeup director for L'oreal Paris: “From apple to forest, the biggest colour trend right now is all shades of green.”

And we cannot deny it! The green is taking the world by the storm and there are so many beautiful shades of it to choose from! Get inspired by the looks below completed with our silky lashes in BOARDROOM (on the left) and PEACOCKING (in the middle & on the right) and the Stick With Me Adhesive Liner in black.  


Peachy blush and orange lipstick have become the summer staples over the years. And of course they’re still trending throughout this year. No need to overthink about the blush shades or lipstick colour anymore!  

“My favourite tones are natural peaches and light roses, but I’m also obsessed with burnt orange.”

-Thomas de Kluyver, Gucci beauty



When it comes to skin and base itself, the more natural the better! If you have freckles let them shine through and if you do not have any you can use freckle tint (or honestly eyebrow gel) to dabble some across your face for the very on trend faux freckle makeup look.

However, glass/glowing natural skin finish is the best base you can go for this summer. Apply foundation just where needed and apply liquid highlighter/gloss/oil at the top of your cheekbones or even on your lids for a fresh look with added shine.

Dewy skin is always IN during the summer months and remember that makeup is fun, but the glowing complexion starts with skincare! Do not forget to cleanse your face thoroughly, jump on the dermaplaning trend train to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells and use a derma roller for plumper facial features! Our Make Me Glow set has everything you need this summer in order to get a perfect glowing skin canvas and natural glow. 

Dermaplaning image  


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