Have you ever heard of facial workouts? Our face is the part of our body and as with every other part of the body if we want to keep it firm and toned we’d have to incorporate some kind of facial fitness into our lives. It is how it is with everything; the older we get the older our skin gets. As we produce less collagen and lose elasticity over time, facial workouts could rejuvenate your complexion and make you look younger, plumper and more snatched. And you no longer need to go for a facial anymore, you can easily incorporate facial fitness into your daily routine with a derma roller such as our Roll Time. 

the ultimate guide to facial fitness



Facial fitness or facial workout is different from your regular relaxing facial. You’d be probably surprised to know that there are exactly 43 muscles located on the face. If you want your body to stay firm and toned, you probably exercise in order to get those results. And it should be no different when it comes to facial muscles! In order to maintain skin elasticity and snatched facial contours, you need to stimulate these muscles located on the face with a facial massage. Facial massage has the power to change your features, build the muscles on your face, stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and increase your skin elasticity. 

However, facial fitness is very different from a relaxing facial massage. Facial fitness is much more intense, fast and it’s best performed with your hands or intense skincare tools such as gua sha or derma roller. 


  • Boosts collagen production thus increasing skin elasticity
  • Stimulates blood circulation making skin look more plump and radiant
  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage 
  • Sculpts facial contours
  • Immediately snatches the face
  • Lifts and tones  the face
  • Skin cell renewal
  • Skin detox

How to workout your facial muscles

According to aesthetician Dija Ayodele "Facial massage uses different movements – some fast, some slow; some long and flowing strokes called effleurage, which I guess you could say is like walking lunges across the gym floor, or short punchy repeating strokes which are like boxing or bench press. Tapotement (tapping) movements are similar to jogging on the spot. Some movements such as kneading petrissage movements work deeper muscles like you would work the glutes and booty in squatting," she adds. "They all stimulate the skin and facial muscles in different ways to improve that circulation, brighten, lift and tone."

How to roll your face with derma roller

Image from Organic Apoteke

In order to give your face a proper facial massage experience it’s great to use a derma roller. Our golden Roll Time dermaroller has non-invasive studs which can truly help you to perform the intense facial massage while having anti-aging benefits mentioned above. You want to use short intense upward strokes and repeat all over your face. 

This will result in an instant face lift and contoured complexion. Your face will over time also appear much more radiant and plump, and if you keep on with a regular massage overall your skin will not lose its elasticity as you’ll be regularly stimulating the collagen production. 

Join us for some facial fitness with Roll Time!

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