That spooky time of the year is just around the corner and we’re crazy excited about the upcoming Halloween makeup looks! Long false eyelashes, glitter, gems and glowing skin are definitely part of the festivities. Have you picked out your Halloween costume and makeup look yet? Let us inspire you with these few glam Halloween makeup ideas and tips which all make a great last minute look in case you need one! 

Go sexy versus scary this year for Halloween. Turn your glam up for this year’s parties by creating a beautiful makeup look completed by lovely looking false lashes. Fake looking tacky false eyelashes that people often choose for Halloween definitely fit the scary brief, however if you prefer to look glamorous and feel super confident, choose our natural silky lashes for the occasion.


Glam Halloween makeup look by @itsemmarosebeauty wearing Peacocking lash system
---@itsemmarosebeauty wears Peacocking lash system

Get inspired by the latest celebrity makeup looks and re-create them this Halloween season. This idea can make a great last minute costume, so you don’t end up going as a cat (again!) You can truly play with makeup this Halloween, and lashes are definitely a must have for this spooky season!


Our silky false eyelash system is a must-have for any glam party really, but they’re our Number 1 choice for Halloween as well. The lashes can transform your casual makeup look to sexy in literally 30 seconds as they are applied with our clean Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner pen. What's even better is that the patented formula of our adhesive eyeliner assures that the lashes will stay on all night long, which makes it amazing for parties!

Unlike plastic looking gimmicky lashes that many choose for spooky Halloween looks, our Silk Lash System is: 

  •  Ultra natural looking 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply with our patented Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner
  • Long-wear due to Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner
  • Smudge-proof, waterproof & windproof
  • Sustainable with up to 30 uses per pair
  • Vegan & cruelty free


@zainaaaaa___ winging it with silky lash system in BOARDROOM 🖤⁠ ⁠

--- @zainaaaaa___ winging it with silky lash system in BOARDROOM 

Disney princesses are great looks to create this Halloween as they never go out of style! Either you pick a sexy Jasmine look - use Boardroom, elegant Cinderella - use Natural Flirt or ultra natural Belle - try Naked, you’d definitely have everyone around you feeling like they’re in a fairytale. 


Be bold and graphic like gorgeous who created the graphic liner with Stick With Me in black and finished the look by our silky lashes in BOARDROOM 💖⁠ ⁠

---Be bold and graphic like gorgeous who created the graphic liner with Stick With Me in black and finished the look by our silky lashes in BOARDROOM 

And what would Halloween be if you could not step out of your comfort zone and try something new? If you don't really want to wear a costume, however you still want to look effortlessly different than usual - try a graphic liner look to spark a conversation! Not only is it ultra trendy, it’s also fun, edgy and definitely out there! 

Our Stick With Me adhesive liner works amazingly well for this look, as it is very pigmented and you can easily just stick your lashes of choice on top! Multipurpose makeup is truly a dream come true.

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