Dermaplaning is becoming very well loved amongst at-home skincare treatments at the moment with women all over the world enjoying the benefits of clean shaven skin. What better way to reveal the glow and get rid of the peach fuzz? However, TikTok and social media can make things confusing and there have been many ways shown in which you should be taking care of your skin before and after dermaplaning. But, which way is the most optimal? And what should you really be doing if you want to experience all those dreamy benefits of shaving your face?



First things first, let’s go through how to actually prep your skin for dermaplaning. We love beauty hacks, however it is crucial to listen to professionals; especially when it comes to our skin. According to Dr. Stafford Broumard dermaplaning is an alternative way to lightly resurface the skin and anyone who has unwanted facial hair and anyone who wants an exfoliation can benefit from it.” There have been many different ways shown of how to actually do the dermaplaning; from strictly aesthetician performed treatment to multiple creative at-home techniques, which one is the right one to give you all the benefits you wish for? 

According to a licenced esthetician Rachel Roff you should start with a clean double cleansed dry skin; “no skincare products should be on the skin when dermaplaning.”

According to another expert aesthetician Kerry Benjamin “the dryer the skin, the better!” Kerry also recommends holding the dermaplaning tool at 45 degree angle using featherlight strokes in downwards motion to be the safest method to perform at home. As you’ll be removing the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, applying a thick layer of oil or aloe vera gel which is often recommended across social media might prevent you from getting the full benefits of the treatment. 

And as you can see according to beauty professionals for the best results you should have your skin clean of any makeup or oils and completely dry for dermaplaning. 


For the best results, always choose to listen to experts and professionals within the beauty industry and therefore, choose to perform the dermaplaning on clean dry skin! However, if your skin is very sensitive use a tiny bit of our squalane oil for an easier glide in order to prevent possible skin irritation. 


Squalane Oil by Wing It Cosmetics

It’s crucial to know how to take care of your skin after dermaplaning. If you shave your skin, you’ll also exfoliate the top layer of the dead skin cells and your skin will need to replenish its hydration to return back to normal. 

For 24 hours after the treatment avoid using any chemical peels, AHAs or BHAs, or physical exfoliators as your skin might be fragile after the dermaplaning/exfoliation. Make sure you’re wearing SPF at all times when outside and reach for a higher factor of SPF50 if you’ll be spending the day in the sun in order to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent burns. 

Dr. Zeichner says it’s necessary to “maintain skin hydration” after dermaplaning. It’s the most immediate aftercare you should do after shaving your face in order to restore your skin and keep it moisturised and healthy. We highly recommend using our Squalane oil which is extremely nourishing, hydrating and anti-oxidant. It will work as your serum and moisturiser protecting your skin, helping it to recover and lead to an even more radiant complexion.

What’s amazing about it is that it’s 100% plant based and non-comedogenic so the oil will not clog your pores causing breakouts. Therefore, it can be used on all skin types and it’s incredibly beneficial to use just after you shave your face for that much needed hydration boost. You can also use a hydrating serum or a moisturiser after the treatment. 

We often see aloe vera gels or plants being used on social media when dermaplaning. This is not incorrect however, aloe vera would just calm your skin temporarily but it would not give it the hydration that your skin absolutely needs after the exfoliation and hair removal. Stick to hydrating and nourishing ingredients!  

Our Take It Off starter kit has everything you need for dermaplaning, especially if it is your first time. There are two dermaplaning blades; a smaller one for your eyebrows and tricky areas; and a larger blade for the rest of your face. You’ll also get our 100% plant-based squalane oil within the kit, so you’ll be able to replenish the hydration just after shaving your face. The squalane oil is the optimal product to use as it has all the properties your skin will be needing after dermaplaning to lock in the hydration. Additionally, you can implement the oil into your skincare routine as it overall has great benefits for your skin.

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