Benefits of using a silicone facial cleansing brush
Some skincare products may seem excessive, especially if it might look like you can easily achieve the results without spending the extra money. This often seems the most believable when it comes to skincare tools in particular, yet however there are skincare devices that can truly transform your skin in a short term and in long term changing your life! One of these skincare devices that you should definitely own is a silicone facial cleansing tool, which is absolutely necessary for clean, firm and plump skin!


According to Dr. Arora Skin cleansing is important for the removal of dirt, debris and sebum. Less dirt, oil and grime leads to clearer pores and a better overall skin complexion.” She swears by silicone facial cleansing brushes and recommends it to all her patients as they’re gentle yet extremely effective in deep cleansing the pores in an ultra hygienic way.  

You can accumulate a lot of dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities all over your skin throughout the day, and it is absolutely crucial that you remove it all before going to bed and also before applying your skincare items. Leaving any traces of makeup or other impurities on your skin can cause bacteria and clogged pores which will lead to acne and dull looking skin. There is no way that you can cleanse your face as effectively as with a facial cleansing brush, hence why most dermatologists highly recommend incorporating one into your routine in order to achieve clean complexion and avoid clogged pores. 

Especially if you double cleanse your face, adding a silicone facial brush as a part of your second cleanse will make washing your skin much easier and even more effective!


On top of being a powerful cleansing method, cleansing devices can gently exfoliate the dead skin cells of your face, thus getting rid of dullness and clogged pores. According to certified physician assistant Ami Damal “You get that extra exfoliation and cleansing that you are unable to get with your bare hands or a washcloth.” 

By buffing away the dead skin cells from the top of your skin your skin will be baby soft, radiant and smooth.


There are many facial cleansing brushes on the market, however the most hygienic and effective one is the brush that’s made out of silicone. According to ​​Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, founder of Mudgil Dermatology in New York City, he prefers silicone brushes “as they’re easier to clean,” he says. “It’s all about the silicone, rather than bristles, which is much more hygienic.” Silicone is actually resistant to bacteria, and even though the brushes made out of it might be more expensive than others, they’re definitely worth it as you never need to change the brush heads, so you’ll be actually saving money. 

What’s great about silicone facial cleansing tools, as also our Gleam Time, is that they can be used on all skin types as they’re non-abrasive, and therefore extra gentle. They’re also very easily used, as you can use a silicone brush with any cleanser of your choice. We recommend using Gleam Time with a foaming cleanser as it’s the most effective for a second cleanse and it helps to glide across your skin.


 Usually all silicone facial cleansing brushes have t-sonic vibrations and pulsating technology. Gleam Time has 7500 vibrations per minute, which makes it a top product on the market when it comes to cleansing devices. What’s great about the pulsating tech or vibrations? The use of them will massage the face, relax facial muscles, and most importantly the sonic vibrations will increase the blood circulation thus stimulating collagen production on the face. 

As a result of using a vibrating cleansing brush you can achieve a dreamy healthy glow and youthful complexion. With a regular face massage you will achieve firmer skin and you'll even smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Using Gleam Time to cleanse your face is also truly relaxing which makes it a great part of your night-time skincare routine to wind down in the evening.


After you cleanse your face with a silicone cleanser and buff away all impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin - your skincare products will absorb much better! Also, the valuable skincare ingredients will penetrate deeper into your skin making them work better and also faster. You can also massage the products in with Gleam Time by flipping it around and massaging around your face which will increase product absorption as well as lift your facial features.


Last, but not least, deep cleansing your face with a silicone massage cleanser will lead to a baby soft skin which will lead to a smoother makeup application. In combination with dermaplaning you will never experience that annoying cakey makeup again! 

Gleam Time is a perfect device for that daily gentle exfoliation, which has so many benefits it’s too good to pass on! Do not hesitate to invest, you only have one skin for your whole life it’s crucial to take care of it.

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