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Article: Dermaplaning or oilplaning? Shaving face dry vs applying a little oil

Dermaplaning or oilplaning? Shaving face dry vs applying a little oil

Dermaplaning or oilplaning? Shaving face dry vs applying a little oil

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating facial which can gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair otherwise known as peach fuzz with a single blade dermaplaning razor in order to reveal brighter, smoother and hairless complexion. Dermaplaning has been a very popular spa/medical facial treatment, however recently dermaplaning has gained a huge interest as people are more and more intrigued by at home dermaplaning. It is a great alternative to chemical peels, or exfoliating facials/scrubs which also removes facial hair and makes makeup apply much more seamlessly.

What is the difference between dermaplaning and oilplaning? 

Dermaplaning facial is typically done on dry skin, which is meant to be held taut by doing featherlight movements.

Oilplaning on the other hand, is essentially dermaplaning with the use of a facial oil beforehand for an easier glide and gentler exfoliation and facial hair removal. 

Oilplaning is meant for more mature or especially sensitive skin types which might get a reaction from dermaplaning on dry skin. Oilplaning works on the similar basis as dermaplaning, you’ll still experience the exfoliation benefits while removing facial hair, it just means that before the process you’d apply a light amount of facial oil all over the face. The oil can help prevent sensitising the face or overdrying the complexion. 

At home dermaplaning is often more likely performed as oilplaning opposed to shaving dry skin which might seem scary to the first time users. 

Woman applying facial oil before oilplaning

The 8 easy steps of oilplaning

Here is the complete step by step on how to perform oilplaning at home. 

Step 1: Purchase the dermaplaning tools or oilplaning starter kit

In order to perform oil planing facial you will need to get dermaplaning tools or otherwise called tinker razors. You will also need facial oil. We recommend going for highly nourishing yet non-comedogenic natural facial oils high in antioxidants. 

You can now purchase the Oilplaning starter kit! or Million Dollar Glow Dermaplaning Facial!

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Oilplaning and dermaplaning starter kit including two dermaplaning blades and squalane dermaplaning oil

Step 2: Remove all makeup and wash your face before oilplaning

To prepare your skin for oil planing you need to start with clean skin. Remove all the makeup and wash your face in order to also cleanse any bacteria, grime or residue from your skin. After cleansing your face, gently dry it with a towel by tapping.

Step 3: Pre oilplaning: apply dermaplaning oil

For oilplaning apply a thin layer of facial oil all over your face. The facial oil will allow for the dermaplaning blades to glide easier on the skin preventing irritation. Oilplaning also assures that you’ll avoid any scratches, cuts, or redness which might occur when dermaplaning on dry skin.

Alternatively, if your skin is sensitive you can try wet dermaplaning by using Aloe Vera Dermaplaning Serum. Aloe Vera is packed with soothing, cooling and calming benefits and it will help the razor glide smoothly on your skin while removing facial hair and peach fuzz. 

Step 4: Use downward featherlight motions while oilplaning

After you apply facial oil, you can now start oilplaning! Hold your skin taut and use short featherlight downward motions, shaving in the direction that your facial hair grows. Hold the dermaplaning razor in a 45 degree angle for the best results. Remember to be gentle when oilplaning.

Woman oilplaning

Step 5: Target different section of your face

When oilplaning target all your desired areas of the face from which you’d like to remove facial hair, peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Repeat the strokes on your 

  • Cheeks 
  • Sideburns
  • Chin
  • Upper Lips
  • Forehead
  • Eyebrow area
  • Temples

You can see how oilplaning removes all your facial hair, peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Be careful when targeting the areas next to your eyebrows or around temples to only remove the unwanted facial hair. Make sure to wipe the dermaplaning blade on a towel or a cotton pad to keep your blade clear in between the areas for the best results. 

Step 6: Rinse your face after oilplaning

After the treatment gently rinse your face with some water or use micellar water in order to remove the oil residue as well as any facial hair that might be on your face post oilplaning.

Step 7: Post oilplaning: apply moisturising and nourishing skincare

One of the benefits of oilplaning and dermaplaning is the fact that your skincare products will penetrate deeper into your skin as it’s freshly exfoliated and fuzz free. Use mainly moisturising and nourishing products in order to replenish your skin barrier post oilplaning facial. Sealing your skincare with nourishing facial oil such as Afterglow+ Dermaplaning Facial Oil will help you lock in all the moisture. 

Step 8: Enjoy the smooth glowing skin!

Oilplaning will reveal a bright smooth fuzz-free complexion. 

What should you avoid after dermaplaning and oilplaning? 

As with every facial, there are some things you should avoid right after oilplaning to prevent skin irritation. 

  • Avoid sweating right after oilplaning. 
  • Avoid sunlight for up to 48 hours as your skin is freshly exfoliated. In case you go in the sun, always wear at least SPF50 to protect your skin. 
  • Avoid using any products with exfoliating chemicals such as AHAs, BHAs and PHA’s as they might irritate your skin and damage your skin barrier. Remember, you’ve already exfoliated by oilplaning.
  • Avoid touching your skin if this is unnecessary to prevent spreading bacteria. 

Should you choose dermaplaning or oilplaning? 

You should choose if you’ll be doing dermaplaning at home on dry skin vs with the use of facial oil based on your skin type. 

Dry skin with rough texture or uneven skin tone

  • Choose dermaplaning on dry skin by holding your skin taut and using small featherlight strokes. 
  • In case you have a build up of dead skin cells, this way will be very beneficial in order to get rid of them while removing the texture.

Sensitive skin 

  • Choose oilplaning and apply a little bit of facial oil before going in with the dermaplaning razor and exfoliating. 
  • This will prevent irritation and it will also immediately help your skin retain moisture. 
  • You can also try wet dermaplaning and use Aloe Dermaplaning Shave Serum for its soothing skincare benefits. 

Acne or eczema

  • Avoid dermaplaning and oilplaning the areas of your skin that are affected. 
  • Go for oilplaning for the areas you wish to exfoliate as these skin types tend to be more reactive. 

Should I choose oilplaning or dermaplaning if I have combination skin? 

In case you have combination skin which is dry as well as oily in different areas you can choose both dermaplaning or oilplaning depending on how your skin feels. In case your skin tends to be more sensitive when exfoliating, go with oilplaning in order to remove unwanted hair, fuzz and dead skin.

Woman holding dermaplaning blades after oilplaning

Will my hair grow back coarser, thicker or faster after dermaplaning?

If you’ve heard that after dermaplaning your hair will grow back thicker or coarser or even faster, do not listen. It is a myth! You won’t grow a beard after oilplaning. It’s scientifically proven that oilplaning or dermaplaning do not change facial hair growth. Your facial hair will grow back exactly the same as it was before oilplaning, which means that if you want a smooth hairless complexion you’ll need to keep dermaplaning every 3-4 weeks to maintain this. 



Dermaplaning and oilplaning are great solutions to dull complexion, unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. Make sure you assess your skin type before you decide which one of the methods you’re going to use. If you’d like to experiment with either dermaplaning or oilplaning, Take It Off dermaplaning starter kit is great for both as it has dermaplaning blades in two sizes and 100% Squalane facial oil which is nourishing, hydrating and high in antioxidants. Million Dollar Glow Dermaplaning Facial is another great option if you'd like to get full dermaplaning at home experience! For some extra age defying benefits Collagen Fix Dermaplaning Facial is the best option.  Get a smooth glowing complexion now! 


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Thanks for sharing this useful information. I’m reading another similar blog about Exfoliation facial; if you want to learn more about this, you may visit this website for knowledge.


Michael Powell

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