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In case you haven’t been blessed with long natural eyelashes and you’d really like to step up your lash game - false eyelashes might be your preferred choice. There are many styles of lashes available ranging from long, wispy, drag, big to super, soft and natural. Have you ever heard of the term petite lashes before or have you ever worn petite false eyelashes?

What exactly are petite lashes?

The term petite lashes refers to the ultra natural short false eyelashes which can enhance the eyes in the simplest natural way yet giving the eyes enhanced volume, length and style. Compared to long and often unnaturally wispy lashes, petite eyelashes can enhance your eyes in the most natural way as they will make your eyes appear bigger without overpowering them. 

Petite or otherwise called short false lashes are best suited for those who have hooded, small or monolid eyes. We all have different eye shapes and in case your eyes are one of the mentioned shapes you might find yourself struggling with falsies. However, petite false lashes are the most natural looking lashes which will suit your eyes no matter the shape, and therefore they can be the safest yet very impactful way to get the long beautiful lashes.

Who are petite lashes for?

In case of the small or hooded eyes, you might start looking for petite/short false eyelashes with a very natural curl and definition to achieve subtle lash fullness and length. 

Petite lashes are suitable truly for anyone who isn’t a big fan of huge over the top false lashes, and would like their eyes to appear more natural, yet still enhanced. 

How to choose which petite lashes are right for you? 

According to Mack Latham, a lash and brow artist, and expert “The thinner the weft, the lighter the lash will be, which ultimately gives you the most natural look, regardless of the length chosen.” 

Considering all aspects you should choose a featherlight style and vegan and cruelty free false eyelashes are perfect for a conscious customer. Always look at the length and volume of petite lashes, some can still be slightly more dramatic than others, so think about your desired result of the makeup look you’re going for. Opt in for a lightweight flexible lash band which will not only make the lash application process easier, it will also appear and feel the most natural. 


Become “No Makeup Makeup” expert with short lashes

With the current makeup trends moving towards “no makeup makeup” petite lashes should become a staple in your makeup bag. They’re not only an easy way to enhance your look on the night out, but they can become your daily ride or die makeup pick.

With so many lashes on the market, finding the most natural styles might not always be easy. Petite lashes are a great option if you’re going to go for a natural look! 

Wing It lashes, especially in the shorter or otherwise called petite styles, Naked and Boardroom, give the most natural curl and definition. Our silky false eyelashes also have an easy application process thanks to an adhesive Stick With Me eyeliner which can help you apply falsies in under a minute. Naked and Boardroom lashes are featherlight, vegan and cruelty free; they’re also suitable for daily wear even in case you have sensitive eyes. 

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