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Decisions, decisions… but which way is the best? If you’ve never worn false eyelashes before, their application might be the reason why, as it might seem like such a big fuss and mess. However, if you do not know it nowadays there are multiple ways in which you could apply false eyelashes, as surely one way does not fit all! And traditional toxic lash glue is definitely not our cup of coffee! Why; you ask? Continue reading :)



Lash glue often seems like the only or the most reasonable way to apply false eyelashes. It is usually packaged with the lashes you find in the drugstores, and therefore when you buy those you’re automatically about to use it. However, eyelash glue is probably one of the most toxic beauty products on the market. 

How can beauty products in this day and age be toxic you ask? Well, some ingredients used in making of the lash glue are chemicals which might be heavily irritating or even harmful to your eyes and skin surrounding the area. The ones which are often included in the traditional lash glue are paraben, ammonia, formaldehyde, lead, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate. The names of these chemical ingredients probably do not say much to you, however if you look into them, all of these can cause skin irritation which will lead to redness and swelling of your eyes and skin surrounding your eye area. 

Eyelash glue often contains latex as well, which often causes an allergic reaction in many people so you should be very cautious whenever it comes to this ingredient. Fragrance is another ingredient which many people struggle with whenever it comes to cosmetic products. If you have sensitive skin you’d probably not do well with fragrance that can be included within the lash glue, and also why would you ever even put anything fragranced near your eyes? Fragrance is often used in order to mask the chemical odours of the ingredients that are within the eyelash glue. As the glue itself has a very bad reputation oftentimes discussed as stinky/ smelly as fish. However, masking the smell with fragrance is definitely not the safest way to do it, and additionally you’re still using those stinky chemicals they’re just masked with fragrance to fool you which means that the lash glue can be just as harmful. 

Lash glue is definitely not the way to go! The study conducted in Japan between 2007 and 2010 found out that lash glue can actually cause a variety of conditions. These are often inflammatory conditions such as inflammation of cornea or inflammation of the eyelids which are truly dangerous as they cause redness, scaly skin and itchiness. This is a true danger when it comes to your eyes. You should be very cautious of which products you're using, especially in that area as we have the thinnest skin in there. 

Another huge reason for why not to use eyelash glue is because of the lash damage and loss of lashes that it can cause. Many people actually lose or damage some of their natural eyelashes when they accidentally pull their natural lashes out when taking off the falsies. However, the eyelash glue itself can lead to a condition called traction alopecia, which can make your lashes fall out in some cases. 

Also, the application of false eyelashes can be very messy and quite a fuss. You can even ruin your lovely pair of falsies with the glue before you even manage to apply it. 

We recommend stirring off the lash glue, as it’s truly toxic, harmful, and very messy. Do not get opposed to false eyelashes though! There is a better way to apply lashes, we promise. Glue is out, let’s see what progress there has been!

Magnetic eyeliner

Have you heard of magnetic lashes before? Magnetic eyelashes have tiny magnets located on the lash bond and they come with a special magnetic eyeliner which can hold them down due to the power of the magnet. This seems like a better solution than lash glue and definitely sounds less messy, however is it safe to put magnets around your eyes? 

The magnetic eyeliner is typically quite thick as it has magnetic properties that come from an ingredient called iron oxide. This means that if you have strip lashes that have magnets attached to them, the liner will attract them and will hold them down. However, magnetic lashes are not completely risk-free. 

The magnetic eyeliner itself is quite harsh to remove, which means that you will struggle to remove it with a regular eye makeup remover. Wearing magnets around your eyes might be quite heavy as well, and even though beauty regulations allow for these products to exist, do you really want to expose your eyes to iron oxide? If you wear these lashes and magnetic eyeliner occasionally you’d probably be fine, however they’re definitely not a great option for daily wear. 

The magnets can cause irritation to your eye area, so you should really consider if you want your eyes to be exposed to these products. Read more HERE all about the comparison of magnetic eyeliner and adhesive eyeliner. 


We do not want to be biased, but honestly we must be, as we love the adhesive eyeliners to apply our false lashes, and we swear this is the only and the best way! Adhesive eyeliners are a relatively new product on the market, and they’re essentially felt tip eyeliners that have adhesive properties, and therefore they’re sticky when applied so you can apply your lashes, and then the liner will dry holding your lashes down. This is groundbreaking when it comes to eyelash application! First of all, it’s extra easy to apply the liner and then stick the lashes on top. It’s 100% less messy than any other method, and it’s 100% safe!

The active ingredient that makes the adhesive eyeliner sticky is Acrylates Copolymer which is non toxic paraben free pressure sensitive adhesive. Which means that upon applying pressure the stickiness of the eyeliner will form. No magnets, or any water nor toxic ingredients needed! The hold of the eyeliner is long-lasting and strong, which means that your lashes will confidently stay on all night long, no worries! 

Our Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner is an absolute game changer on the lash market! It’s one of those products that truly sound impressive, however when you try them you will never go back to using the other products again! Why would you? It’s even safer and more effortless than mascara!

Our patented formula of Stick With Me eyeliner has 0 toxic ingredients, it’s safe to use daily, gentle to your eyes, waterproof, windproof, smudge proof and it has a power to hold your lashes on all night long. It comes in classic Black, Brown for a softer look or clear in case you’d like your liner to be invisible. It’s one of those products you simply cannot go wrong with, as it’s clean and it will not cause your eyes or natural lashes any harm at all! Also, you can truly apply any strip or even individual lashes on top of the eyeliner, it will work just as well. However, we do recommend trying out our silky lashes as they’re ultra lightweight, natural and great quality! Get a set HERE NOW. 

How does it work you ask? Will I have sticky liner on all night long? Absolutely not! 

STEP 1: Apply the Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner, like you’d apply your regular felt tip eyeliner, wing it or not - the liner is multipurpose, so you can create a beautiful wing and use it as an adhesive at the same time. Think of it as a template, wherever you apply the liner, the lashes will go. 

STEP 2: Wait up to 30 seconds to then apply your strip lashes on top; they will stick on immediately and stay put!

STEP 3: Just keep winging it! :)

It’s so impactful, effortless and easy!

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