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Article: The Most Flawless Looking Skin In Two Steps

The Most Flawless Looking Skin In Two Steps

The Most Flawless Looking Skin In Two Steps

What would your dream skin look like? We all want to have radiant, clear and dewy complexion without trying too hard! How to achieve that? What if we told you that by adding in two simple steps, dermaplaning and derma rolling, you can achieve that "lit from within" looking skin everyone dreams of from the comfort of your own home! 


Dermaplaning also equals exfoliation. Exfoliation equals no more dead skin cells, no more dull looking skin; hello glow! 

By shaving off your peach fuzz, your makeup will also apply much smoother and your skincare can penetrate deeper within the layers of your skin. Dermaplaning is truly better than any primer out there! Not having facial hair will prevent cakey makeup, as the foundation won't stick on your peach fuzz or the dead skin cells that might be trapped on the top layer of your skin. 

You can dermaplane at the comfort of your own home with our at home dermaplaning starter kit! 

Why do women choose to shave their facial hair? 
  • to remove peach fuzz 
  • to get rid of top layer of dead skin cells = to exfoliate 
  • for faster skin regeneration and increased collagen production
  • for glowing glass skin
  • for smoother makeup application

And according to medical aesthetician Allie Summers "dermaplaning helps the cells to turnover faster, thus stimulating collagen." This means that dermaplaning can also prevent the signs of ageing. It's never too early or too late to start implementing the anti-ageing steps into your routine!

Remember, routine is a key to your complexion! According to the celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips "Following a skincare regimen and doing routine skin maintenance is always beneficial – knowing what works best for your skin and using the right products and tools for application is also key."

Remove your peach fuzz or any other unwanted facial hair every two to three weeks! It only takes minutes and it's 100% worth it! Within our at home dermaplaning kit you'll also find a squalane oil, which is an optimal product to use after the dermaplaning facial in order to rehydrate and replenish the skin. 


Have you ever heard of warming facial? In case you'd like to experience the at-home spa experience, this type of facial might be the right treatment for you! You can easily achieve this by using our Roll Time golden derma roller. Warming facials work on revitalizing your skin's texture and they can also show your pores some love. 

The benefits of using ROLL TIME:
  • Lifted complexion and sculpted facial contours
  • Boosted collagen production which results in firmer skin
  • Skin appears more plump, radiant and elastic
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduction of inflammation and puffiness
Our Roll Time is a derma roller and also acupressure point in one! Use the derma roller to keep your skin young and plump and then use the acupressure point in order to keep your mind stressless! It’s the perfect place to start if you want your skin to glow and produce more collagen in order to prevent it from looking older. 

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