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Article: Common mistakes people make when dermaplaning

Common mistakes people make when dermaplaning

Common mistakes people make when dermaplaning

With every single facial or skincare tool comes an instruction manual on how to use the tool in order to get the best results. However, the manual does not include what to avoid and common mistakes people often make when using those skincare tools. Dermaplaning has quickly become a celebrity, makeup artist and influencer favourite as it is a quick and easy way on how to get smooth glowing skin with visible results even after only one use. There are hundreds of videos on at-home dermaplaning and these are often filled with mistakes that people tend to make when dermaplaning at home which prevents them from receiving the best skincare benefits possible. 

Why should you try at home dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning can give you smooth and glowing skin in just a few strokes. It can even out your skin tone, remove all unwanted facial hair, peach fuzz, uneven texture and even help with acne scars. Dermaplaning at home is truly exfoliation at its best! No other skincare product out there is going to be able to give you the same exfoliating results. If you decide to try at home dermaplaning you’ll literally see how the tools remove your dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. This exfoliating process does not only reveal smoother and brighter complexion but also promotes collagen production which can even out your skin tone and help diminish any scarring or discoloration on your face.

Woman with glowing skin after avoiding dermaplaning mistakes

If you have unwanted facial hair or you’d like to remove your peach fuzz, dermaplaning at home can be the perfect solution for you as it will get rid of both! Additionally, by experiencing all these amazing benefits that you can achieve by dermaplaning - your skin will be smoother which will allow your foundation to apply seamlessly, preventing cakey unnaturally looking makeup. After dermaplaning you’re left with a very smooth base, simply perfect for makeup application. 

What are common mistakes people make when dermaplaning? 

Even though dermaplaning is pretty straightforward and it's a simple facial treatment to do by yourself at home, there are a few things you should avoid in order to receive the best possible results that dermaplaning offers. These are the common mistakes that people often make when dermaplaning at home and practices you should do in order to avoid them:

1. Always clean your face before dermaplaning

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they try dermaplaning at home is that they do not clean their face properly ahead of this facial.

It’s essential to double cleanse your face pre dermaplaning, especially if you are wearing makeup. This will prevent spreading of bacteria or bacteria built up on your skin. Additionally, you need to have a clean face so that you can remove the facial hair and dead skin safely without any residue oils, makeup or grime getting stuck in the dermaplaning tools preventing the best possible exfoliation benefits. 

2. Based on your skin type decide if you will be dermaplaning or oilplaning

Another common mistake we see when people are dermaplaning is not understanding their skin type.

Once you understand your skin type, you’ll be able to assess if dermaplaning facial or oilplaning facial is better for you. Follow our guide to find out which demaplaning method is the best for you; dermaplaning on dry skin or oilplaning with the use of facial oil beforehand.

3. Hold your skin taut when dermaplaning at home

To prevent accidental cuts, make sure to hold your skin taut with one hand and dermaplane with the other. This will also help the blade glide easier across the skin while dermaplaning all the dead skin cells and peach fuzz away.

One of the common mistakes is that people do not dermaplane in sections nor hold their skin taut, which then can make their skin look or feel uneven and it may even cause small cuts. 

Woman dermaplaning in 45 degree angle avoiding the mistakes people make when dermaplaning at home

4. When dermaplaning at home use short light strokes holding the blade at 45 degree angle

Another very common mistake that is often shown online is not holding the dermaplaning at 45 degree angle.

If you hold the blade at this angle you’ll be making sure to get spa-grade dermaplaning results. Additionally, make sure to use very lightweight strokes when dermaplaning. You do not want to push the dermaplaning blade into your skin as it may cause cuts or irritation. You will get the best dermaplaning result when you use lightweight strokes to remove all the unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. 

5. Always use downward motions when dermaplaning

Try dermaplaning in downward motion following the way in which facial hair grows in order to prevent any unwanted irritation. You will see the hair and dead skin accumulate as you continue with the dermaplaning strokes.

Make sure to avoid one of the biggest mistakes by dermaplaning against the hair growth in the upward motion as it may cause ingrown hair or you may even nick your skin which you definitely want to avoid. 

6. Carefully avoid areas on your face that might be inflamed or irritated

Make sure you do not go over the areas that are inflamed or irritated to prevent irritating your skin even further. Do not use dermaplaning tools over any active breakouts, acne or eczema as it may cause bleeding of the skin.

Avoid dermaplaning in case your skin is feeling particularly irritated or inflamed, wait until your skin is in better condition. 

7. Follow dermaplaning by hydrating your skin

When you are dermaplaning - you are essentially exfoliating your skin. Skin exfoliation can weaken the skin barrier, making your skin thinner and more likely to react or become sensitive. You can replenish your skin barrier by keeping your skin hydrated at all times, especially post dermaplaning facial. Follow dermaplaning with hydrating serums, moisturisers and nourishing face oils. The hydration and nourishment will help bounce the skin barrier back to its normal healthy state. Nourishing face oils, such as Squalane oil, can be extremely effective as they are high in hydrating properties, antioxidants and vitamins. Use products that will make your skin feel and look hydrated.

Common mistake that people make is that they apply exfoliating acids on top of their face post dermaplaning which can irritate the skin, lead to over exfoliation and compromise the skin barrier health. Avoid using exfoliating acids or scrubs and turn to unscented moisturising products. 

8. Always wear SPF after dermaplaning to protect your skin

Sun protection is very important and it’s recommended to wear SPF every single day even on a cloudy day. When it comes to post dermaplaning, you really need to make sure to be responsible and wear sunscreen when going outside. As you exfoliate the top layer of your skin by dermaplaning, your skin will be thinner and therefore more prone to get burnt. Getting burnt causes sun spots which you definitely want to avoid.

Wear SPF30 and up in order to protect your skin from sun damage following dermaplaning facial. Do not make the common mistake of thinking you do not need an SPF. 

What do I need for dermaplaning at home? 

Dermaplaning at home is an amazing way of getting smooth glowing skin. All you need are dermaplaning tools and a hydrating product to apply on your face right after the facial. Take It Off dermaplaning starter kit has every single thing you need for dermaplaning at home including blades in two sizes and 100% plant-based squalane oil to nourish your skin after dermaplaning. 

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