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With the current economic crisis and inflation we tend to think twice before we invest into something that might seem like unnecessary. Some of the routine things we often not even think about might become occasional luxuries; especially when it comes to what some might call unessential purchases such as a variety of beauty treatments, products or grooming rituals. The cost of living crisis unfortunately might affect your usual spending habits, however you should not forget to invest into yourself and your rituals which make you feel good. Especially when it comes to facial hair, which removal might seem like a luxury now, if it boosts your confidence you should not forget to do it. The solution to be able to still invest into beauty treatments such as facial hair removal is to find a more cost effective or cheaper way to get the similar results. Did you know that dermaplaning is extremely cost effective yet it can give you the same results as in-salon facial hair removal treatments?



Looking at different facial hair removal methods and techniques, some of them are very pricey compared to others, even if they all pretty much give you the same results. If you get your facial hair removed at the salon or see a professional often, it might cost you up to £300 per session. 

How much is it currently on average to laser, dermaplane or wax your facial hair?

Average cost of facial hair removal methods per ONE SESSION:


Laser hair removal full face 

Starting from £259

Electrolysis hair removal 


Dermaplaning facial (15 minutes)


Full Face Waxing 

£35 - £50

Full Face Threading

£30 - £40

Sugaring full face

£40 - £60


Bear in mind that you’d need to get these done every three to five weeks in order to maintain your facial hair regrowth. As you can probably tell, in-salon treatments can become quite costly and even time consuming. Looking at different prices is quite off-putting and it might seem as a luxury with the current price rise. 


There are facial hair removal methods which you can easily perform at home, by yourself and therefore obviously they will be much cheaper than professional salon removal services. However, when looking at low cost hair removal methods, you need to consider the ease of method, safety, effectiveness and the actual result.

At-home facial hair removal treatments and techniques are obviously the choice in case you still would like to get rid of your facial hair while not spending hundreds of pounds on the variety of treatments. What are the benefits and on the other hand downturns of different at home facial hair removal techniques? 

At-home waxing

Waxing is a very common hair removal method which can be performed in the salon or you can buy at home waxing kits. All you’d need is some waxing strips with results lasting for up to 4 weeks. At home waxing costs from £8 to £30, depending on where you get your waxing strips from, with drugstore strips being relatively the most affordable. However, waxing is definitely one of the most painful facial hair removal methods. Waxing your face can also lead to redness, red patches, irritated skin and ingrown hair. Your face also might react badly to the wax itself which could then lead to a further irritation. There is a lot of side effects when it comes to facial hair waxing at home, even though it is relatively cheap, it’s extremely risky.

Depilatory creams 

A depilatory is a strong alkaline cream that breaks down hair which is then easy just to wipe off. The process is very fast and it might seem convenient with different creams ranging from £7 to £40 and obviously they can be used multiple times, so the method is very cheap compared to the salon treatments. However, beware that depilatory creams contain various chemicals to break down your hair which are not the safest to use on the delicate face area. Additionally, the results usually last only a few days up to a week, so this method might not be the best for you if you do not have the time to spend on facial hair removal weekly. 


Tweezing is definitely one of the ways to get rid of facial hair, however it’s definitely not the safest. It’s very painful to tweeze a lot of your facial hair and it will probably take you a very long time to remove them. Additionally, this method is not great for peach fuzz. Even though a pair of tweezers can only cost around £3 and last you forever, tweezing your facial hair will not be worth it, trust us. 

Dermaplaning at home

Believe it or not, at home dermaplaning is a great way to remove your facial hair including peach fuzz while also giving yourself an exfoliating facial. Dermaplaning scrapes of the top layer of dead skin thus revealing brighter smoother complexion. Even though dermaplaning is a very popular in-salon treatment, you can easily perform dermaplaning in the comfort of your own home. Dermaplaning results last 3-4 weeks and therefore you won’t need to do it more often than in salon treatments and additionally you can easily touch up on any unwanted facial hair in between your shaves. All you need for dermaplaning is a dermaplaning razor/ scalpel also called tinker razor and a hydrating product to apply on your skin afterwards in order to bring your skin back to balance. If your skin is sensitive you can also do oilplaning, which is essentially dermaplaning with the use of facial oil beforehand. This method might cost you £10 to £30, however you can use the dermaplaning products up to three to four times, which makes this facial hair removal method very effective yet extremely affordable. Also, while dermaplaning you’re performing an exfoliating facial - so take that as an added luxury! 


The only downside to dermaplaning at home is myths that your hair will grow back darker, coarser and thicker. As mentioned this is a MYTH and completely not true! Your skin might be sensitive after shaving, however if you apply a hydrating cream or oil afterwards it will bounce back to normal in no time!



Not only is it extremely effective, the results of at home dermaplaning also last a long time and are salon-like. Dermaplaning at home is such a great value for money if you like to remove your facial hair including peach fuzz and also exfoliate at the same time! 

Wing It Cosmetics at home dermaplaning starter kit has everything you need for dermaplaning at home. It has two dermaplaning razors in different sizes, a bigger one for areas such as your sideburns, cheeks, chin and forehead. Use the smaller razor on your upper lip, eyebrows or around tricky areas. The kit also includes 100% plant-based Squalane oil which is extremely hydrating, nourishing, anti oxidant and non-comedogenic making it a perfect oil post dermaplaning. However, you can also use the squalane oil for oilplanning in case you prefer that method. 

The value of at home dermaplaning is truly incomparable to everything else out there. You don’t have to take away your luxuries, the confident feeling of having smooth hairless skin is priceless. It’s the number one beauty treatment that will not break the bank. 

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