If you haven’t been born with long natural eyelashes, you’ve probably been searching and trying to find the best way to achieve long eyelashes with the least amount of effort, fuss and cost. For the times when mascara just doesn’t cut it and false lash extensions become too much maintenance and money spent; the only option you’re left with are false eyelashes. From traditional falsies, to the lash adhesives…. have you ever heard of magnetic lashes? 


Magnetic lashes usually come in a kit which includes a pair of strip lashes which have tiny magnets attached to them and an eyeliner which is magnetised. This way you can apply a magnetic eyeliner on your lash line and then the magnetic strip lashes will get clamped onto the liner due to a power of magnetic energy. Sounds pretty revolutionary, doesn’t it? 

Physics meets beauty…however, what are the actual ingredients in magnetic lashes? Can magnetic false lashes be harmful in any way?



The main ingredients in a magnetic eyeliner are the iron oxides. Iron oxides are mineral deposits and just like iron, iron oxides have magnetic properties. The iron oxide which is mainly used in magnetic eyeliner is black to create a magnetic attraction to the tiny magnets that are located on the magnetic eyelashes that come in the set. 

You can find iron oxide in a variety of cosmetic products as it is an FDA approved ingredient which is considered safe to use in cosmetics. The iron oxide which is the main ingredient in the magnetic lashes and liner is synthetic and therefore it falls under beauty regulatory guidance. 


Even though a use of magnetic lashes might seem really appealing, there are also a few downsides when it comes to wearing them. It’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of wearing magnetic lashes and make your decisions based on the below. 

Pros of magnetic lashes

  • For the application of magnetic lashes you won’t be needing a traditional lash glue which is often messy to apply the lashes with and comes with its own risks. It’s much easier to apply the magnetic lashes on. 
  • Compared to getting lash extensions in a salon, magnetic lashes are cheaper. 
  • You can use magnetic lashes multiple times. 
  • A traditional method of false lash application including glue might often lead to eye infections or irritation due to the ingredients that can be found within the glue. You won’t find the same ingredients in magnetic eyeliner.

Cons of magnetic lashes

  • Magnetic lashes are quite clanky because of the magnets and they do not look very natural on the eye. It’s very noticeable that magnetic lashes are fake as they’re heavy looking. 
  • Magnetic lashes are not made according to the shape of the natural eye, they need a lot of trimming and adjusting in order to get the right shape to fit your eye, which might be quite time consuming. 
  • Even though magnetic lashes claim to stay on and have a strong hold, you might feel like they will fall off any second. The magnetic lashes do not feel secure on the eye at all. 
  • You can only use the magnetic lashes with the magnetic eyeliner. You will not be able to use the magnetic eyeliner with any other eyelashes, so once you buy a set of magnetic lashes -  that’s the one you will have to always wear together with the liner as the lashes without magnets won’t clamp onto the liner.
  • The application process takes a little longer than usual as you need to wait two minutes before applying the lashes on top of the magnetic eyeliner. 
  • In order to remove the magnetic lashes you will need a special eye makeup remover that will break down the iron oxide within the magnetic eyeliner which can often become a lengthy or even annoying process. Especially after a night out or a long day when all you want to do is remove your makeup and go to sleep!
  • Magnetic lashes are not suitable for daily wear as putting magnets around the eyes every single day can have serious risks. 


Now to a big question; are magnetic lashes safe to use or are there any risks? Even though the ingredients have been FDA approved, wearing magnetic lashes and magnets around the eyes often does come with risks. You can experience irritation, allergic reactions, lash fallouts and eyelid fatigue. 

Additionally, removal of magnetic eyelashes and of magnetic eyeliner can be quite difficult and therefore very irritating. You may pull on your eyelid causing irritation or even pull out some of your natural eyelashes during the removal process. 


If magnetic lashes are not an option due to the potential risks and all its cons, what is then the best way to achieve long natural looking lashes? 

As previously mentioned using a traditional glue with any pair of falsies is similarly not the best. The lash glue contains ingredients which are very toxic and harmful for daily use. The lash glue is also messy, stinky and very difficult to work with. 

A great option to apply and wear false eyelashes on a daily basis is using an adhesive eyeliner. Adhesive eyeliner contains Acrylates Copolymer which is a non toxic, paraben free pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for daily wear and ultra gentle on the eyes. Although the adhesive is gentle, it’s also highly effective and very high performing. You can use an adhesive eyeliner with any strip or single lashes just by sticking them on the top of the adhesive eyeliner. In order for the most natural look try using the most natural eyelashes on the market from Wing It Cosmetics. Compared to magnetic lashes Wing It lashes and Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner are safe to use daily, ultra natural, gentle, highly performing, very effective and super easy to apply! Adhesive eyeliner with lashes are great for regular lash wearers as well as first time false lash users. They can also be removed by using a regular makeup remover and they do not cause any harm to your own natural lashes or eyes. It’s a real no brainer when it comes to false lashes. 

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